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Sean Pearse - Reyal

My 3 Core Values 

  1. Unobstructed Self Expression
  2. Movement Exploration
  3. Self Development and Spiritual Evolution

Unobstructed Self Expression… Meaning, I let what wants to emerge from my authentic depth into the world while trying not to get in the way of such a natural expression. This value is present in all areas of my life. Be that everyday interactions, coaching, moving, and showing up in any environment. Authenticity is always the aim.

Movement Exploration is one of the ways I access self expression. With my current favorite tools of movement, the Steel Mace and the Kettlebell, I’m able to move in a way that’s unique to me and my authentic self. My value on Movement Exploration is tied to where I find my “bliss” as Joseph Campbell says… When I’m immersed in flow state, moving with the mace or kettlebell, I tap into an ecstatic state that connects me with a deep presence and aliveness. 

My Value on Self-development and Spiritual Evolution have been present with me most of my life. As a young lad thrown into a hyper competitive sport environment, it was the growth psychologically that made the biggest changes in my soccer performance. This kickstarted a value and hunger for self improvement that has shaped who I am today. The last 5 years I’ve gone deeper… Pondering questions of who I really am, how I’m here to serve and be of good use, what would make my life truly meaningful, and how can I continue evolving my awareness of self and higher truths.

What is my Vision of the future?

Putting myself into the future… I see myself connecting with other powerful like minded individuals in the space of embodied movement and spiritual growth. I see a growing need in the world for being able to connect and know ourselves. I see my mission being that of teaching people how to create and maintain a loving reverence for our own bodies, minds, and potential. 

Creating a holistic offering to individuals seeking this connection is inspiring, as well as leading events, ceremonies, and workshops that help people intimately understand this need. Intentional movement will play a large role in this future, as well as teaching people the deeper spiritual truths that connect us all. I see myself lending my value and gifts to a growing global community of powerful, dangerous, yet kind and heart-centered men. Creating powerful containers for men to share more about common challenges, fears, and feelings.  

Current Fitness Routine

This is where some of my authenticity and uniqueness comes into play… I don’t have workout splits, routines, or targeted sessions when I work out. Instead I prioritize an intuitive approach to understanding what my body needs and where I can optimize where I feel weak or ungrounded. When it comes to movement (an umbrella term for all fitness or physical disciplines) I let my curiosity and enthusiasm guide my sessions. Sometimes this is a specific muscle group or movement pattern like the back or the 360 (Steel mace exercise). Or, it’s a state of being that I feel wants to come online. That may be a sense of flow and internal peace, or a warrior-like grit and grind. I see this as a Ying/Yang, soft and hard approach. Sometimes it’s the Viking music, sometimes it’s the classical. I stay attuned to the body’s needs.

One Piece of Advice

This would be the same advice I give myself… Constantly, and consistently, keep an open dialogue between your mind and body. We live in a society that has become so head heavy, so intellectually stimulated and influenced. We often forget that our body’s know what’s best for us. Our mind may very well be telling us what’s best for us based on what it saw on someone else's instagram or new channel. This could be the right advice, but we must first check in with ourselves and discern through our innate intuitive faculties. Because no one else lives in our bodies but us! And the truth is we’re all so beautifully unique…”Know Thyself” as the Greeks preached.

Sit still, move slow, breath deep, FEEL. We can only know what we need when we spend time getting to know our individual needs. Keep an open dialogue between your mind and body.

What else is in my Wellness Toolkit?

Let’s jump right into the good stuff shall we? Microdosing.

Microdosing (usually with Psilocybin/Magic mushrooms in very small amounts) has been a game changer in terms of connecting to myself and the world more intimately. It’s opened up more awareness of my own thoughts, feelings, and inner world. As well as bringing me into more presence with the people, things, tasks, and beauty around me.

Hapé. This is an ancient Shamanic snuff medicine that has profound grounding and healing properties. When I find I’m too in my head or moving too fast, a sit with this medicine reconnects me to a more grounded and natural state. In recent times I’ve particularly been grateful for this.

Meditation and Stillness. “When we find our way back to stillness, we find our way back to peace. And when we find our way back to peace, the world re-harmonizes itself.” - Lao Tzu

In a world and time of upheaval and chaos, reminding ourselves that we have an innate and ever-present state of peace and tranquility to return to is crucial. Go there. As much as you need.

How do I prioritize my mental health?

I feel this would be potent in bullet form so here we go:

  • Spending time in nature disconnected from phone and tech
  • Being conscious and intentional about who I have around me and associate with (Good energy only)
  • Breathing practices to shift into a parasympathetic state, be more present, and still the monkey mind.
  • Slower movement practices that shift internal regulation (Qi gong, yoga, ecstatic dance, slower steel mace flow)
  • Sensory deprivation tank on occasion 
  • Brain boosting super foods and supplements 
  • Cold Showers 
  • Self love and care baby

Favorite REYAL Product 

Definitely the body wash. I love the invigorating and rejuvenating feeling it gives me after a shower. The smell is also amazing and refreshing. It’s rare that I find a product that I love the scent and feel of to this degree. I could say it’s one of my favorite scents of all time. Bonus tip, combine REYAL body wash with a cold shower and you’re in for a sharp wake up and kick ass day. 

Where you can you find me

Right now the gram is where I love to share value and inspiration with the world. 

You can find me on Instagram at @sean.pearse

What’s next for me?

Right now my focus is on providing value to my online and In-person clientele and community within the movement fields of Steel Mace Flow and Kettlebell work. I’m finding it incredibly rewarding to teach people how to move functionally and intentionally with these tools. Using a flow-oriented approach to teach people how to live life in more flow and fluidity as well. I’ll be continuing to spread the value I’ve found in these fields while expanding my influence across the globe.

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